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So, a while ago I wrote about what it was like looking for an apartment. As you may have inferred from some things I’ve mentioned in past posts, we found a place just outside of Boston and right up the street from Davis Square in Somerville. I adore the location, and I think I will like the house a lot more once the heat goes on; once it hits mid-October in Massachusetts, it’s sort of inevitably cold, and once November rolls around that means the snow is not far behind. My landlord is turning on the furnace this week today, apparently, so that’s all fine.

I live on the first floor of a small white house with two boys. The best part of the place is the front room, where I spend less time than I should (it’s cold!) but is flooded with light about half of the day. We have two couches and two nest-chairs and a TV and a little dinner table and a pumpkin and a bookshelf. The kitchen is next; the floor is dirty but the stove works and so does the fridge. I am slowly exerting, shall we say, a feminine influence. My room is on the right, off the kitchen, furthest from the boys. My closet has a delightful little hidey space (which is uh, full of boxes) and my room has new curtains and my dresser and bookshelves, and my bed on which I sprawl and work and eat and have intimacies and sleep and read, and a goatskin rug and clothes everywhere. The boys rooms are at the end of the hall; the bathroom is between us. The bathroom is ALWAYS a mess and I am putting off dealing with it until I have a full day and gloves. Chalkey’s room is the only one where you can get in through a window. (For some reason, he left his door locked and we do not have keys to it, and neither of us knew how to get in with a credit card, so we got to find this out last night.)

The rent is reasonable and the location great. I’m starting to be happy here, really and honestly; I am learning how to pick up my chin and take a walk instead of moping, to call my friends when I am sad, to ask if I can come over sometime, to take action instead of stalling. I have a weekly schedule (a loose one at least) and I know where to get fresh pasta. I am a grown-up.

Also, I just got offered a job. More on that later, when I’m not reeling with exhaustion — I’m just home from a Dresden Dolls concert and it was glorious.


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