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The Way I Blog

One of the ways, at least.

As I’ve mentioned before (maybe?), I work three days a week at a copyediting job. It’s pretty sweet. More to the point, I do a lot of my thinking while I am doing other things, something I know I talked about in “Where Do Greyhounds Put Their Organs?“.

This is a blog about what that process looks like. It has pictures.

I start with an ID card with my name on it.

Pretty basic. I took this on my kitchen table, this is why there is a pretty red back ground, is it not fabulousness? Keep in mind that I have to use this card all the time to get in and out of the building, and there is a lanyard attached.

And then I have a THOUGHT.

I run into an odd phrase in my proofreading; earlier in the topic it had read “female sex” and suddenly it starts reading “female gender”. So I write it down. It’s a reminder to stick this particular point into a blog I’m in the middle of drafting.

I go back to work and maybe an hour so so later my brain starts ticking over a story I’m trying to work out; I know that if I get a title and a first line I’ll be golden, but I can’t come up with one that both fits the voice of the character and the shape of the story cycle it fits into. And then it comes to me!

Well good, that’s sorted.

I don’t have any more thoughts for several days, so it just stays with two sticky notes. But today I am idly listening to RENT, and it occurs to me that there’s something really interesting going on with gender and Tom and Angel. So I write it down.

I also, in a very surreal twist, happen to be reading a topic on the human immunodeficiency virus. While listening Рlet me just repeat this Рto RENT.

I write this down, giggling.

Then I remind myself that I really, really need to blog about how I am mad.

(Meanwhile I am also working, this is all spread out over days and hours, BY THE WAY, I totally do not just fool around, but this scribble and the next one are going to give lie to that.)

Part of the way I keep from going insane while I read articles on HIV and sarcoidosis and laser light treatments and Botox and other medical nonsense is to build tiny things out of whatever I have on hand at the moment.

Today it is a tower. Made of staples. Yeah.

So my playlist is finishing up and I realize how I’m going to be introducing the section on Tom and Angel in my Oh My God Gender What blog, because I have the tendency to want clever first lines, and I scribble it down.

After this I go home.

…and wonder what my coworkers think of me because I’ve just remembered this has been around my neck all day, god damn it.

So yes! Some of these are Upcoming Blogs, which you will just have to wait for. Hope this was as amusing for you as it tends to be for me.


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